The program includes the following activities, depending on each age  and lesson, teachers will provide the appropriate amount of knowledge and requirements, to ensure creativity, knowledge and material skills for students.  Subjects and activities in the program:

   1- Painting: Artistic composition thinking (methods of composition building with materials: Oil pastels, watercolor, acrylic paint…)

    2 – Applied Arts: Enhancing the ability to apply fine arts knowledge in daily life: fashion, poster, living space decoration, comics, and anime motion…

    3 – Printmaking (subjects that help develop dexterity and perseverance in children with: wood carving techniques, monoprint, printing, cyanotype…)

    4 – Sculpture – Modeling (form and space art type, students are exposed to Deco sculpture, ceramics, wood)

    5 – Art Appreciation (Approaching art critique – viewing exhibitions, visiting museums, art trends – practicing drawing according to art styles, art history)

    6 – Workshop Activities:  Real-life Drawing: reinforcing fine arts skills and natural observation abilities.    Traditional Art Workshops: (folk paintings, ceramics, lacquer, silk, wood, papermaking,…), Artist talk

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